Down in the Hole

Well my soul has grown sea sick
And I am so tired of playing dumb
Wrestling with all of this darkness
Every sensibility has grown numb
Been struggling to gain success
And trying my damnedest, not to succumb
To the decadent excess, they expect me to become
Falling in line, falling into the fold
Sinking just a little bit deeper
Down in the hole

Paradise’s beautiful landscape
Has now been thrashed and destroyed
Honesty, decency, morality and virtue
Have all drowned into the void
And the last survivor of chivalry
Is languishing out in the street
Scorned and ridiculed by the conceited
As it’s lying decimated at their feet
And the lights grow dimmer, the heart more cold
And we go sliding a little further
Down in the hole

Well don’t the cynics and skeptics, work so hard?
Stabbing faith, and crushing your beliefs
Corrupting, lying, murdering and thieving
into strangleholds, with no release
We are to hell and gone from that image
The companionship intended, don’t fit your needs
What accounts for greatness, is a mixed up message
Whatever that’s most convenient, is that which proceeds
Locked in the jaws of leviathan
Spinning around in it’s death roll
Falling a little bit deeper
Down in the hole

And you continue spurring on my anger
I get suckered in, conned once again
Finding brand new ways, to betray myself, in this endeavor
Walking knee deep through all this sin
Is it fate or pride that leaves me wanting
Heavy burdens have caused the guard to drop
Keeping tired eyes out for the second coming
Living lonely outside all popular thought
Clinging tight, trying to keep a hold
Fading a little bit deeper
Down in the hole

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