Downsideup World

I dreamt of a world where down was up and up was down
Sad people smiled and happy people frowned
The rich wore rags and the poor were crowned
Cookies were square and brownies were round
Ducks clucked and chickens quacked
The liberty bell didn't have a single crack
People hid in monsters' closets
Water came from cows and milk from the faucet
There you're told to "Mind your Q's and P's"
People planted pennies like they were seeds
And they grew into big tall money trees
And all the bills were elevens, sevens and threes
But, there was no need..everything was free
Everyone ate 6 meals a day
Nobody had bills to pay, or was ill or had pills to take
People didn't kiss, they rubbed their noses together
People didn't predict, they chose the weather
And when it rained, nobody carried an umbrella
Santa Claus was actually a pretty rude, grumpy fella
Sharks had no teeth, just their gums
Pigeons hated to be given breadcrumbs
The sky was green and the grass was blue
People lived to be three hundred and thirty-two
I dreamt of this world and when i came to
I had gloves on my feet and my hand in my shoe

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