She was born with Small hands small feet, round face, two beautiful eyes that shine like a diamond, small lips having a big beautiful smile,
He had his Head in the hands, moving feet, worried face, scary eyes that send draggers towards her, grinding teeth and clenching jaws held her eyes for a while.
She thought that’s the expression of love that her father held towards her,
Had no idea about the scary world, never experienced fear.
She had no idea she was seen as a burden, never knew what were the capabilities of a men,
She didn’t know this place was dangerous than a hungry lion’s den.
Due to the almost over humanity in him he let her be alive,
But even to get milk she had to strive.
She was given alcohol when she cried and was sent to sleep,
Even as an infant she wasn’t allowed to weep.
From the day she was born her father had lost his smiles,
She grew and when was three was sent to fetch water every morning she walked barefoot for 5 miles
But still happily played whenever had time,
Still now see couldn’t understand what was her crime.
Time passed she learned to cook and clean,
With every passing day found her family getting mean,
She saw a boy in her house when she was thirteen,
Didn’t knew what was happening in her life,
And before she could understand what was marriage, she became a 20-year old’s wife.
Didn’t have her menstruation yet,
But who cares you have gone, there is no ready or set?
Every night her pillows were wet.
Being born was what she started to regret.
Asked her mom why did you marry me soon,
When I was supposed to enjoy cartoon,
You changed my life just in one afternoon.
Her mother replied, they asked for less money than the others,
You see you aren’t like your brothers,
And I only did what must be done by good mothers.
Did papa hate because I wasn’t like the rest,
I all did what he asked me and gave my best,
Like my brothers I never made a mess.
But he never saw me happiness.
You see you are a girl so he had to give dowry to get you married,
You must feel lucky that you weren’t buried.
He had to go through so much because of you.
Fathers like him are very few.
But I never asked him to do that for me,
All I wanted was to be set free.
Be allowed to play run and climb the biggest tree.
But you took me out from one cage and put me in another,
Why can’t I live with you like my brother?
Shut up, what will the society say,
From these customs and norms, you can’t run away.
Your father was unlucky enough to have a girl child,
Stop acting so wild.
Go back to your in laws,
Make sure to not show them your flaws.
Don’t you dare give them a girl like I did,
And if you have then made sure to get it rid.
I’ll help you to know the gender,
Now go and please don’t create a blunder.
She left thinking is this all due to dowry that they ask,
Why is all the household work only my task.
Is it a crime to be born as a female?
Is it necessary for us to be thin and pale?
Where did I go wrong?
Why am I never taught to be strong?
She had no one who would give her the answer,
Her future was now a total blur.
She left her father’s house that day,
But didn’t go on right way.
She walked 5 miles and reached the lake,
Stared at the water remembering all the body ache,
Washed her face and prayed oh god if I’m reborn please don’t give me a life in a society where dowry prevails,
Where to give equality to her daughter a mother fails.
She jumped in the lake seeing her last dawn,
And just so you know she isn’t still born.

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