Let me tell you a girl’s story
Who ended her life because of dowry
She happily used to live with her family
And her family used to live with her happily
For her parents she was like a pearl
Because in her household, she was the only girl
She dreamt her future shining and bright
With all the hurdles she was ready to fight
The girls aim was to become a scholar
But she couldn’t continue because they were poor
Now one day, her parents thought of her marriage
But because of poverty, it was a challenge
To different bachelors they sent her proposal
But from everyone they got a refusal
Nobody with her, was ready to marry
Because the bachelors were asking for dowry
May it be money or the luxury things
How can we get it, her parents began to think
This problem for the family was a panic trigger
Due to which her parents turned into beggars
By thinking about not being anywhere accepted
The girl’s mental health was not being affected
She tried to solve the issue all day and whole night
But her efforts went in vain and she decided to suicide

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