Remember times, aloft embers called happiness
Roughed by social nuances akin, seemingly disposed
Lost I my innocence, to fall flats called tides
Love, sun and embroidery, horoscopes beguiled my thoughts

Resting; my head lay open accepting truest demons alike.
A tramp beaten path: again; exclaims to self.
Downs sought with endeavour, to level ecstasy
Hovering with mindless desires, fantasy and fanatics

Strew I open my inner imagination, bare to you
Ramped up by succession of fancies, step I above
Beyond realism, beyond expectations and steep plateaus
Gush through or plummet, a dynamic equilibrium suffices

Stopped I a glance through past,
Rejuvenating my future
Present lost in impersonation,
Plaques by optimism I rush to entwine

Anonymously called a journey called life...

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