When everyone stayed home * we went far out there
With bloodshot eyes we stand *when the pain is hard we bear
When the whole world ran away * and the greatest men were scared
We wore our gowns and lead off * a journey no one can dare
When the sick flooded the ER * we had no masks for spare
No tests for us anymore * we’re in jeopardy and despair
No six feet safe distance, not even an inch we swear
But we never quit looking after, without a grunt or stare
When sneezes and coughs were spreading, by droplet or by air
Old men were short of breath, and distress was everywhere
We were ready for life support, from our own breath we share
We skipped those meals on shift, and good night’s sleep we pared
We held the hands of women, giving birth behind portieres
We came back home to our children, no hugs or kisses beware
Oh mommy , do you not love me? Said her child unaware
We napped in those RVs , all loaded for bear
We can only doze off sitting and looked all threadbare
And no matter what, we’re here, no matter what we care
We’re ready to sacrifice, and expire in workfare
We never asked for rewards, nor a bonus for healthcare
Can’t you stay home for us, please do not impair
So we can be there for you, we promise and declare

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