By Dr. T   

Rise Above

Reflecting on the days that have gone by
Reminiscing as on the inside I cry asking why
Children are neglected - to too many terrible things subjected
Not to mention being rejected When you view the world
What's really being reflected
I see me being mistreated
Natural resources depleted
With malice neighbors are greeted
Just look around if you don't believe it
War afar while within we're being defeated
He against she - you contra me
Do you have any clue, who I am?
This unequivocally 100% woman golden at each strand
Too much heritage to hold in your hand
My identity the definition of my destiny is beyond what the naked eye can see
To comprehend my legacy you need a degree of agape to appreciate me
For I come from those that gave meaning to the word strong
The courageous who through their tears penned a song
Stolen by another who violated my mother and sold my father
As to separate us from his love by night giving us more of a reason to fight to end segregation and degradation's plight
Go fly backwards that prejudice kite and recognize we are all precious in His sight
There's no mistake that His work will be finished
Imago Dei - I was created in His image
English may not have been my first language but I've managed to master it
The Native American gave me a warrior type spirit by which I could be lifted, talented, and gifted
The combination of Irish, German, and French probably put the blue green in my eyes
It's no surprise it was the black that put the bone in my back while filling me with endurance to run
Like satin the Latin put the roll in my tongue and the salsa in my hips
As for reality we need to come to grips with the fact that
We're all mixed, mindfully fixed - handpicked
To tear down barriers
Cut off negative energy carriers and rid ourselves of bad attitudes and the mentality that it's appropriate to be rude and crude
Realize your sister is you with me two and our brother makes three
For us to embrace would set the world freedom
Love, love, love and love some more
The most excellent way I say
LOVE is how we rise above

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