Dragons in the Sky

Oh my darling one, why is it every time I look into the skies, clouds flowing by are Dragons looking at me
with piercing clear eyes.
Oh they know me well, as I know them. From some place, back in time, where the sea and sky melts into a oblivion..
that we see becoming to deep, where a wizard with a deep stare, once had a twinkle in his eyes.
Where purple mountains loom and wing horses once did fly..
Oh my darling one if you can see only even a few of the dragons flying by, you too can remember a mystical time.
With smiles on their ghostly faces, now they loom over a new decade with unfamiliar faces.
How the clouds speed by in life's changing days and nights.
Oh my sweet one don't be afraid if you can see them. They know me well, as I know them.
And they seem to be saying in an ancient rhyme, "Al donn tha ne riste. " Al donn tha ne riste..
We mean you no harm. Still?

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