In the dawn one day you realize you've gone away,
Your soul astray
My dignity's death has let it in with its fiery breath,
Unable to fight without the will,
No magic pill to make it right,
Its reflexes too quick its mind too cunning
Its scales too thick
But the fire you see it's done something to me,
It forged my resolve and hardened me it's hardened my will
I've had enough,
I've paid that bill
I'll pull my sword from behind my back
Into its fire and launch my attack,
Straight to its heart like a poison dart,
Dragons no more at my door
Spread the word to the other dragons to be
Who think they can breathe on me!
Never again will you ever see the dragon's fire,
Get the better of me

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem, "Dragons," to chronicle my overcoming a ten-year addiction to prescription pain medication. I use this and all my poems to record my emotions and file them away for safekeeping and as a reminder. You will never know where you want to go if you forget where you've been.