I'm drained physically, mentally, and emotionally,
my feelings are always aside
But sometimes they get a hold of me
I try not to think of my past and how bad it hurted me
This voice in my head
Sometimes really gets the best of me
But i'm drained life will never be the same
The thoughts that run through my brain are crazy
I ought to be ashamed
Sorry mom I can't change, Sorry dad i'm not the same
All they ever do is complain,
Puddles of tears, drip like it rained
Can you help me
can you save me or are you all the same
Nobody can feel the pain
Nobody can heal the pain
On the outside i'm happy but in the inside
I'm Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically

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It's one thing to be drained physically but have you been drained..physically, mentally, and emotionally?