Draw 5

Hey let's go back to the times where it was just about us

The times where it was about

You being with me and me being with you..

Ya ya, let's do that

Where it was about giving each other attention

Talking all night till we got super tired

Innocent hugs and lots of smiles, ya.

Ya, can we please go back to that

Because where we are now is not familiar to me

I think back to what we were and where we were originally and

This kind of scares me because we aren't what we once were

What we once were is just a glimpse of the past

But what we got I still want to make last, baby

But can we go back to where we were

Tell you what, you draw the card from this game

That says go back 5 and I'll go back with you

And eventually we will be one like we used to be

But I can't keep drawing these cards

That move me forward one and you twenty

And I'm left in no-man's-land while you're living life

See, no, that doesn't work for me

Draw 5. as many times as you have to just get back to me

Draw 5. I simply miss you and me

Eventually we'll get there but as of now it's still a glare

So I'll keep drawing one as you move up plenty

But hopefully you will

Draw 5. and we will again be one eventually.

Draw 5

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