Drawng with red

The sharp familiar click resouded in her ears,
her fingers grapsing on to the instrument of art.
Laying the sharpest tip upon the silky soft surface,
the metallic tip scratching across,
leaving behind defined markings by force,
drawing out her suffering just because.
But funny enough,
she found herslef only drawing with red.
Making beautful art with a clouded head,
painting streak of red all over the surface.

This was not the first time nor was it the last.
The girl was told to be strong and brave,
to face her problems with lasting faith.
Because the problems she faced was nothing,
compared to others. So,
She tried to put on a brave face,
she coped by drawing upon the surface,
she felt her emotins slowly fade away.

One day the girl went in over her head,
the ink overflowing, drenching her in red.
Drawn too deep with a tip that resembled a blade,
with defined markings running across her arms in red

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