Dread Culture

Where it fall? It is to the mind in perseverance too poor to rich sending down vents of death.
That is among an exceeding of something great beyond the sight of wealth.
The extort cause the frank essence at nights alone kept of silence died it is it far long gone
this poem is for profit.

The extremism tone humans take to risk their faith in their belief.
These violent then what?
Those were souls left cold a particular branch subcritical of a mass that is honest trash.
I believe that so laugh at them I do and those monkey fools who talk
mess about me.

It is for their desire to look stupid some whites folks be dumb in their clueless choices of ruined
both be white and black not alike or common.
In the divorces out of wedlock children violence stealing murdering robbing
sex drugs porn; war money homosexuals scammers killers.
The blood religion death racism feminism mindset western its societies rotten would be it.

The deceasing of the eastern it's going to humans do seeking increase.
Well it's the new death for me has risen unleashing genius rhymes.
This is because of humanity is through with it lose these lines everything at waste at least.

I say the disgust of it all.
I see anyway just a frog to another dimension should mention my mind stays.
I am listening to the news it's sickening if not last to fail
if you are reading this.
Then so well tell this to others who suffer in
struggle that's to grasp.

This is my one shouldn't ask enough to deal with dead this your last
life to exist had been went now gone sent to.

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This Poems Story

Strange of the creation of the human culture that seems to be divided among certain stereotypes.