Dread Love Through Rain

It's her in you that make this life of mean unity combined unseen by others for me.
It's a ring in my sight you and I.
I'm greeting I'm seeing a being the meaning.
The darkest of your hair long in the front going down your face at side
at the back past your neck in chocolate it's your hair.

Your white flesh is of silver made best in.
Your eyes are of the color of ocean waves truly deep a green.
It's your lips pink smile with teeth as white as day.
That's all the way when you speak beautiful your voice sings a chorus.

It's the tune of confusion unique saying I need you in broken speaks not clear.
This curiosity I have for you so much dear her idea at night.
It's so then around in pinkish brown rain we stand then run through as we hold hands.
I have found you solo sad not famous but not brainless.
It keeps me coming around to you stuck with happiness.

I am so grounded who knew did you know?
I'm with you now here.
I am never to leave even when dead.
I am eternally deceased forever still wanting your sweet nectar of a
personality in between the two buried deep under your shadow of armor.
It's so can we wait cuteness the extreme this page.

This is until the right day before while you burn for me.
That's decision to go all the way.
It's in our passion of desire that we create in our nakedness.
Then suddenly where is the faith?

It is in your face I share everyday if the fictional god doesn't take it away.
I will lie to rest with you
of a bed casual dispense compatibility to stay.

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The burden of beauty the existence.