By RM   


Into this dream that I was living
Obstacles gets harder on my way
Poverty is one of them.
It is so hard fighting.

I feel like the world breaking
I could feel my knees trembling
I could feel my mind trying
I could feel my self slowly falling.

The dream to be well off
The dream of reaching that dream
It is literally difficult
It was rough not soft.

But I still fight although it wounded me
I still battle although I feel loosing
I still struggle although it feels like no ending
I still stand although I see myself failing again.

It is me, always been trying
It is me, feeling stronger
It is me, been faking
It is me, now dying.

My goal is just to make them smile from the heart
My wish is to see them to have a good start
My objective  in life is to have something enough
My dream for them is to be happy, its enough.

But this dream seem like not going along
This dream seem like a hard song
The lyrics are unpredictable
The pitch is  unreachable.

This dream also seem like a dance
The beats are too fast to dance
The rhythm seems like not to match
My feet couldn't make a single stamp.

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