Walking in the snow, the powder crunching under your feet
Not a sound to be heard, but the snow landing on the ground
Watching the snow fall, you look into his eyes
Glistening in the moonlight, what more could be asked?

Walking down the street, hand in hand
No words exchanged, only a hand to be held
Drifting apart, you walk your separate ways
Never looking back, at what could be

You make it to the end, but something is missing
Taking a look back, he is already gone
What could have been, slipped through your fingers
Only to be seen is the falling snow under the streetlights

Running back, he is nowhere to be seen
Yelling his name, but no reply
You fall down to your knees, praying of his return
A hand on your shoulder, revealing the human behind you

No words exchanged, only a hand to be held
Walking back, you hope of his stay
Crunching snow beneath your feet
All you can do is smile, and give a kiss on his cheek

Hoping today is a better day,
You awaken in your bed
Realizing it was all just a dream

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