Dream Away

I don't have to dream when I'm with you
No dream can compare with what I see when I wake
I don't want sleep all day
When I go to sleep I'm afraid you won't be there when I wake
Bittersweet are the moments we share
Before to long I'll be gone and you'll be moving on
With your life that I'm not a part
I hope one day you will see I'm not just another guy you've fucked before
I'm not going to do to you
what they have done to you before
If I had you it would feel like I won
The best thing came in first for once
I know your so much more than a prize
You could be the best thing I've ever had in my life
In another life, another paralleled time
We could be so happy you could be my wife
Maybe next time in our next life we might
We could meet somewhere that's kind of like this life
But not the same as this life but somewhere different we just might
Be together for all their lives
Happy and smiling not like this time
Where we do the things that are known and safe
Not taking a risk a chance no surprise

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Just something written about a friend of mine