Dream big and watch me fly

I have a dream, no it is not a speech.I’m the next, Martian Luther King, when I fell asleep.I fell so deep .You can’t hold me back.What is important. Don’t lose control,don’t rip apart,It’s all I got,put up a fight.They on the same Route.You said,” I would be worthless,
I woke up with an purpose “.

If I want it so bad, I’mma go get it.

I have to believe in myself if I want to achieve.How can I change the world,only if I change me.They discriminate base on how I look. You is prejuidice judging my skin like a cover on a book,.I have feelings and I have dreams.You don't know who I am,or who I want to be.I’m going to go to college.

You can not tell me that I can't,it's my wish be quiet,sweet heart you are dismissed.

When it comes to my dreams,I’mma it make happen.This ship isn’t going to sink,because I’m the captain ,not only it’s a dream, I have to protect it.I am going to make it real I am going to go after it,but what’s impossible to man,It’s possible to God,So dream big and watch me fly.

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