Dream Castle

I get up in the morning and my whole day turns around,
I'm left doing handstands, I just want to drown.

But then I meet my prince, strong and tall;
he leads me to my dream castle, It's better than the mall!

It's huge and pink, filled with bounty treasure,
I can sleep all day long, this is such a pleasure!

This is so incredible, I just want to float,
we even have a big and long 17 foot moat!

In that moat are narwhals, the color of the sky,
they are really friendly though, I name one July.

I thought this couldn't get, any more awesome,
but my prince just told me “there's more my blossom”.

We went inside the castle, it's glimmery and shiny,
I couldn't help thinking, it's not at all tiny!

The last stop was my room, it had a million chairs,
but the most exciting part was the unicorns right there!

We both climbed on gently, my arm around his waist,
us all being very glowy, shiny faced.

We flew off in the sunset, it made me gleam,
but there's one part I'm leaving out, this was all just a dream!

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