Dream Catcher

As I lie in bed, waiting for the voices
Eyes roll back and stare in this head, so many choices
Eyes wide shut, I'll know this mind of mine
I can't get enough,sinking in these sands of time
Envelope my being
Develop a theory of how this madness seems to bring so much happyness
Put into perspective, degrading and progressive
Degenerate and prolific, contradiction is my rendition
Explicately complicate, complacently insolent
An ephemeral sickness but forever I forbid witness
I think I may be terminally ill willed
Hells despair is in this eternal guilt
As I lie instead of voicing my conviction
Head in hands I just want to understand this human condition
Eyes closed shut, my mind is now no longer mine
But I've already had enough fanatical fantasies tonight!
Can this truly be me when I'm asleep
Should I fear the dreadful dreams I keep?
Dramatisized and magnified insecurities
Just a generalized terrifying reality?
Life flashes slowly before my eyes
I'm feeling as if I'm fearing I'll die at sunrise
Digging deeper into the dark ether
approaching R.E.M., curious and eager
A means to perceive what is me
To see what this sleeping giant wants to be
It's in my hands yet I can't grasp it
Stuck in my webs but I just can't catch it

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