Dream GIRL

As i lay on my bed watching tv allday
There's thoughts in my head that wont go a Way.
As im dozing off ona. Saturday night
Im dreaming of love and Gods holy light
As i look up above me and stare at the sky
I daydream allday as time flies on by
As im roaming the gardens ,what do i see ?
A beautiful girl just waiting for me
As i look up and stare into her eyes
As our two hearts connect we see sparks fly
She has the most beautiful eyes and perfect blonde hair
Our love was so strong i waa walking on air
A dream about her from day to day
For she is here with me and she's here to stay
She is the wondrous and exquisite piece of art.
For thou holds the key to thy heart
We are two hearts.but we beat as one beat
For what she did was turn up the heat
When i wake up from this enchanting dream
All's may be lost for how it may seem


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