Dream Logic

All I remember is him lunging at me; hands ready to eat my neck for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a late night snack as/for left overs.

All I can see is a devilish, grim and terrifying face over my ex-boyfriends face; it was like his nose (and every other facial feature for that matter) had been exaggerated by my dreaming mind. Except instead of painting in the man's portrait by filling in the blanks gone missing from memory with sensical images of what would logically be known to be be present there for a human being, my dreaming mind leaves me to wake with the grotesque and fantastically terrifying imprint of the memory of a boyfriend that friends and family (even close and very close ones) would not only see as unrealistic (thanks to it being dream logic), yet I can't help but fixate on how irrational they must think I'm being about all this just because it is safe to say our time really, actually, truly, honestly loving each other in the history of our time together up until right now greatly, outrageously outweighs the tragedy/tragedies we were/are/still radiate.

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