Dream Lover

I saw him,
Across the meadow he called to me,
Without speaking he held me in thrall, waiting
And he seemed to drift on the air
Till he stood in front of me, close enough to touch, I knew him.
He kissed me, and suddenly the feeling flowed inside me,
More than lust it was, as though
The swirling mists of love surrounded my heart, and filled it.
He touched me, and the shadows in the corners of my mind
Were of a sudden glowing with light,
As though sunlight had infused my soul and embraced it.
He awakened me. Though sleeping I was unencumbered,
The chaos of day could not reach inside;
the ugliness of reality was powerless.
I was dreaming.
He left me. Not real, though I tingled, and was whole,
Just out of reach from the corner of my eye
I saw him as he walked out of my night slowly and was gone.

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