Dream: Missing Memories

One night I randomly woke up
In the comfort of my plaid patterned Christmas colored blanket
Drenched with sweat from my dream
And my heart beating, ba- bump ba-dump

While in my comfortable bed
I felt a strong pounding in my head
From the very annoying sapling tapping on the window,
Rain which was making the the gutters cry with raindrops,
And wind that commanded the trees to bow down

I decided to stand up
Unbalanced from tiredness, I walked to the wood framed mirror
Covered with fingerprint smudges
Then to my surprise i see tears rolling down my sweaty face
But I can’t really remember why

Then I begin to ask in my mind:
Why am I crying why is there pain
Why do I feel like i’m going insane
But then is all comes back to me

I see my sister, awfully pretty in her pjs
Walking towards the living room as I blurt out
“The answer is 156” I said referring to the question she asked me earlier as a test
She stopped right in her tracks and said
“Well aren’t you an Einstein”
And a smile as big as The Great Barrier Reef appeared on her face
At that moment she was standing in front of white painted door,
cracked from age, covered with the mud we were playing with outside earlier

Then all of a sudden the vision of her pink pjs,
and long black hair disappears from my mind
I.m then staring at the smudged mirror with a look of sadness
“We were so small then,” I said with a smile
But my smile soon disappeared when I remembered that
She was no longer with me

Then I started to cry out:
Why did you have to leave me
I felt so alone,
I didn’t even get to say goodbye

After my mini breakdown I went back under my covers
Still sleepy as it rained cats and dogs
I then closed my eyes but didn't go to sleep
I Prayed to god and asked him to help me get through this traumatic phase,
To help me find people I can surround myself with,
People I love whether it's my beloved friends or my close family members

My eyes were red from crying, and throat sore from screaming
So after the prayer I fell soundly asleep,
Knowing that god would answer my prayers
But I would soon come to realize that he didn't have to
Because they all were already there, friends, family, and other loved ones
Cheering me on

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