Dream of My First Time

I've never been touched a virgin to the world,
I am an adult but still a baby girl
Dreaming of the day i finally open my eyes,
and see you laying right by my side
Please don't touch me there, I'm still a little scared
I hope he is gentle, Is all that's running through my mental
I'm laying on my back while he's on top,
Your hurting me baby please can you stop
As time goes by it feels so much better,
After every moment I get a little wetter
In and out a repetitive motion, He does so well with so much devotion
My heart is beating fast, Wondering how long he can last
Can't take anymore I've hit my climax,
No more please can we just relax
Now it's time to take break, Hormones racing I feel like a lake
Side by side as we lay, I turn on my side and say I love you bae
Now he's ready for round two, It still hurts I don't know what to do
I let him keep going so he can get his,
My body is shaking it's pure bliss
Time is not of the essence,
Every second longer feels like a blessing
I'm no longer stressing, He's teaching me a lesson
Bodies continuously caressing, No time for resting
And I don't want to I like it, I get to cursing oh shit
I can't take another minute, I'm definitely finished
I'm finished it was great, He still wants more I say too late
The neighbors know his name, I guess I'm to blame
But this was only a dream, No matter how real it seems
A simple fantasy,Of something that could really be

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