Dream On

The trees took a deep breath preparing their leafy song,

As I stared at the woods, the woods of my old home,

Time may have passed and some logs may have fallen,

But my heart remains and there it always shall, never to be forgotten.

I may have grown older and the soil drier,

Friends may have changed and animals may have moved on,

My brain may have brightened as the forest dimmed,

Still here in these woods my heart will always live.


When I am old and wise,

I will look back at these deadened woods with gratitude,

For what it has and always chosen to show and give me,

The clear bubbling stream always murmuring life will move on.

The always new animals showing me life is ever changing,

The proud trees giving shade to those evil, always showing kindness,

The rustling leaves always whispering hope,

And most of all the beauty of it all screaming to dream on.


When all fails, I shall go to the forest for help.

If one day you ask, how, I shall say, look to the forest,

Open your eyes to the good and the bad hiding in the world,

If you do not realize both you shan't know the other.

Now if you do this, I shall say, dream on.

One day, I will look back,

And realize that thanks to the world and its pain and happiness,

My dreams lived on and became a reality.

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