Dream Queen

I pay attention to my dreams
Because everything ain't what it seems.
Falling into a deep slumber
Coaxing me gently to remember
Sometimes vivid, bright and colorful
Other times dark, gray and abysmal.
Lulling me to delve into the dark
Flashing images that are stark
Sweetly talking to dead spirits
Conveying messages in bits.
Sleep, oh sleep, my subconscious mind
For when I wake I will surely find
Enlightening pictures and scattered thoughts
Pieces of a puzzle that I have caught
To be put together on one big screen
Depicting a story that I have seen.
Whispers, taunts and mumbo jumbo
Stirred and mixed in a pot of gumbo
Finally waking from this adventure
Eyes heavy-lidded like a panther.
I pray for help to decipher all
The jagged edges along the wall.
So many meanings to uncover
The depths I've plunged while being under
A radiant light shines through at last
Heart open, mind clear - a clean break from the past!

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This Poems Story

This reflects my belief in the power of the subconscious mind. I feel that when I sleep my dreams can carry deep meaning for me. Sometimes a dream may be literal, when it actually unfolds as pure facts or truth. Sometimes they are metaphorical, when I actually have to interpret them because they are more abstract. Either way, I think they are just as important as the daily occurrences happening while fully awake. I use mine to help guide me throughout life. - Poem published in "International Who's Who in Poetry - (X)" - Copyright 2013