Dream your Dream!

Is it hard to dream or is it bad to dream
Often does this thought cross my mind…

My dream for ‘attention ‘is a deep set crave
Like a deserter seeking an Oasis…
Magnificent is my feel when every brave
Positive vibe cushion on unfailing basis!

I dream for ‘affection ‘, like the new born
Significant my cry for love to adorn
Inspiring is the way it binds …
The world its true shine finds!

A dream for ‘perfection’ is very unkind
Something goes wrong, should I mind?
Moving towards the next pace
Gently I lift up to Higher Truth with a smiling face!

A scary dream of rejection, I wish not
My bosom aches and pines a lot
Ridiculous I wake up to reality
And never accept this humility!

Sublime thoughts put in action
Transform me from hibernation!
Transcendent dreams are awesome
Success follows and makes it more fun!

Tell me now do dreams drive you mad
Or you dream your dream and never are sad?!

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