I lay upon the crystalline sand of the shores.
This is when I finally feel free.
Where the waves break against my feet,
The warmth and glow of the sun shines upon my face.
The sound of mothers calling their young back home.
The smell of crisp, clean air.
I love to walk along the edge, daring my feet to touch the water.
Water so cold that it seems to steal your soul never to return it.
I love to hold my head under the water.
The sounds of the crashing waves drowning out all the noise.
I love to float in the water.
Float in it as if I were dead.
A body lying there with no conscious feelings, lost to the world.
Laying there staring at the mist wondering what lies beyond.
I love to stare at the reflection of the sky in the water.
The wind curls my hair around my face tickling my skin.
I would like to fly away from this earth for a while
And come back to it and begin over.
Lying upon the shore with no end of water in sight.
Sometimes I feel like I could lie here forever
But I know I will eventually have to return.
Return to that which I regret.
The life I regret but yet love.
One could do worse than be a dreamer of life.

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