Everybody's stuck in the same mentality, the same boat
Very few are trying to do better, trying to progress
Most people gave up blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and whites
There're no color lines in the fight to success
Single mothers and fathers looking for a better way
For their children
Than calworks and welfare
Is there anyone who cares?
Or is everybody. just going to sit and stare?
This is more than one person can bear!
Dream bigger if you dare
When the whole family is on welfare
And no one even cares
Nothing left to do but sit and stare
Until one day you drop to your knees and see that God cares
And he's. there
No more crying and wondering and hoping with dead hopes and dreams
Generational curses of trouble are over
But God never said it would be easy
Salvation--we are free
So why do we keep living and dreaming limited like a slave?
The reason why I wrote this poem is to say, yes!
You're okay
You're free to dream
Go on dreamer, dream!

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