The vehicle of thought
Drives us down many avenues
When the mind is ready to roll
Driven by the freedom of thinking
The mind's eye producing the fuel

The license of life is embedded in the vehicle
Equipped to carry us through the path of life
Although some lose the sight
Others venture through it boldly
Among others who clutch on to it

History points to those
Whose far-sightedness knew no limits
Taking them beyond the horizons of thought,
With their minds focused on the wheel
How did they steer the wheel so well?
Was the mind's eye super-sighted?
Did they never rest it, even while asleep?
Were their minds truly inactive in sleep?
Or, were they the best dreamers?

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This Poems Story

I see thinking as an essential part of life, and without that life has no meaning. Some become expert thinkers while some others do not seem to recognize its role in life. This poem is an expression of that fact.