I swallow my sarrow,
And wish to reveal my fears.
There is a discomfort I've been gripping for years.
I hold onto the hope if tomorrow, whispering a prayer.
But deep down I'm not worthy enough to speak to him,
Is he really there?
I count the seconds as if they are as numerous as the sand.
Most of the time I can rate the quality of my life on one hand.
I shout to the heavens but hear no reply.
I wonder if I have a purpose as my life passes by.
I bite the flesh of a dream until it bleeds raw,
But I have no clue what that dream is at all.
All I see are images of a better place.
A picture so vivid, I must be in a better space.
A bright smile to cancel the pain.
The sun to evaporate the tears and rain.
But the journey to that prosperous dream is long and dry,
Getting there is so frustrating I collapse and cry.
I get discouraged because I can hardly cope with today.
How will I reach my dreams when they're so far away?
I clasp the hand of a tamed dignity and pride.
Personal feelings I've learned to disguise.
Lessons are learned through heartache and pain.
I travel until i can see the sun after the rain.
I know I'll reach my dreams if i continue to try,
And hopefully I'll see them before I die.

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