When I was young, I would often dream,
I'd be flying through the air, like a lightning stream.
I was the master for all to behold,
Flitting about without a care in the world.
High above the mountains I would soar,
Admiring the wildflowers' color galore,
I'd count the butterflies one by one,
While they were flirting with the morning sun.
The butterflies' wings would be all aglow,
Like different colors of the rainbow.
I would chime in, as birds chirped their song,
While flying side by side, as we went along.
I would play with the fish in the deep blue sea,
While dropping leaves from an old oak tree--
Wondering too, what mysteries were below,
Wishing someday I might know.
Even now as I reminisce
Recalling memories of total bliss.
How wonderful it was to be a child,
Letting my thoughts just run wild.
As my mind wanders back to yesterday
All my worries seem to disappear.
My cares and woes just fade away,
Then once again I'm queen for a day.

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