Dreaming of memories

I went swimming last night.

Every stroke felt like your hands around my waist,

My body remembering you,

Remembering the summer that we spent floating away every day,

Remembering the amusement park where we ran to the carousel

Just to realized

It was closed.

The cyclone made me sick with love as your hands interlaced with mine.

When I raised up on the detonator looking at you I felt safe.

Like I was in your arms

I am in your arms

Your old house

Everything smells like you.

Fireworks are going off; I swear for a second I thought it was my heart

Beating with yours.

I smell your breath

I taste your mouth

kissing you

Right outside the movies

And I realize

I am in love

I went home I cried

Because I knew it was never going to leave

And I got scared


In my room


Calling you saying I am sorry

Took 20 pills before the call

Planning on taking 20 after

I'm sorry

(Next day)

You're holding me

Guiding me

My tongue so badly cotton-mouthed

But I still uttered

“I love you”

Then in our memories



I have forgotten how to breathe

I'm shaking

My mind takes what you said

Twists it

Multiplies it

I believe I am no good

I am no good

I believe I cant escape

I can't escape

Now I am here

In class




Because the board shadowed a place you use to sit

Because my nails are as chewed up as they were the first time you had grabbed my hand

Because I still am carved up inside my stomach
For when I was trying to build a home there for you.


I lied








It always had

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