Dreaming of Reality

Two people was not the audience I was promised,
Not when I was six or when I was ten,
I was promised a world of people
That would take what I say into account
But now I have two, one
One person that will stand by my side
One person to listen to all the words I misuse
When I was promised a thousand
Talk about disappointment
Only you couldn't call it that because I was young
But I'm fifteen now and everyone still lies
We say only what we want to hear so there will be quiet
Because quiet is 'what we need'
Maybe if you open your ears and listened
To the words that speak to each other
You'd know quiet does not exist
Therefore you use the excuse of such a pleasure
To lie to young children
Giving them hopes and dreams just to take it away
When I was six, or when I was ten
They listened and cared
Now that I am fifteen
I must be the one to appreciate myself.

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