Dreaming of the Right Christmas

‘Twas The Nightmare Before
Christmas Jingled All The Way,
When on Street 34
A plot threatened The Holiday.

A Christmas Story shall begin
When friends once on their own
Met at a Holiday Inn
Instead of staying Home Alone.

Charlie Brown’s recent pay cuts
Made him a Scrooge and a Grinch.
He hated working for Peanuts
And having to penny pinch.

Chuck planned on Trading Places –
HimsElf with his friend –
And this friend he replaces
Must Die Hard in the end.

Poor Rudolph, The Family Man,
The Snowman from up north
Didn’t know his friend’s plan
When his train home came forth.

On the Polar Express
Advanced a plan with no flaws.
Chuck knew he’d have success
As he sharpened his Santa Clause.

A most surprising of shifts:
Rudolph – blind to his peril –
Surprised Charlie with gifts
While singing A Christmas Carol.

Chuck’s Frosty mood faded.
His plan was wrong, factually.
He’d felt jealous and jaded.
Now he just felt Love, Actually.

A simple Christmas Vacation
With a friend ceased his strife
And showed his true situation:
It’s a Wonderful Life.

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  1. K.Awa Akami

    The poem effectively conveys the themes of redemption and the true meaning of Christmas. It encourages the reader to consider the importance of friendship and the impact of one\'s actions on others.

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This Poems Story

This Christmas-themed, pun-filled poem tells a story while using as many names and references to Christmas movies as possible. So light your trees and hearths, hang your stockings with care and as you read ask yourself this question: How many references to Christmas movies can I spot?