Dreaming, Weary Soul

Something rots inside,
Someone dimmed the lights,
Tired, hurting and not alright,
Watch its blood seep through national pride
See the dog reeling with a boot in its ribs.
Tolerance flies like a knife in their skin,
Like shoving them back over the fence.
Just let them in.
Neck craned, staring down at the sacred screen,
Unable to comprehend, let alone see consequence.
Tearful judge, as the wall grows, splitting my town,
Stand up and answer the door, removing my crown,
Like healthcare wretched, unbearable scam,
Like thoughts and prayers for cold steel in his hand.
God forgive my silence, ignorance,
Untouchable privilege.
It eats away at the flesh for a reason.
Don’t open the wound, that’s treason.
Sickness festers, but here, take another drink.
By the soft words of a child hurled from a distance,
“Why don’t we just give them what they need?”

Make room in your white washed American church,
The widows and orphans sit outside in the dirt.
Or is it disdainful to sweat a little?
Bleed a little, grow hungry and stretch your arms.
Unable to step back under burden after burden,
Like vacation, savings, comfort and shame.
Do yourself a favor, let it go and move forward.
Did you start dreaming, weary soul?
Do you want happiness?
Do you want help with it?

Love your neighbor, no matter who lives next door.
Maybe go outside so you can love better
Maybe walk farther and help a little more.
That’s it! Just one small step, then another...

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