Tell me it will never happen
Allow my thoughts of failure to sink in
Push me down
Until it begins to feel like I’ve drowned
But I’ll push back
Putting myself straight back onto the right track
Because you cant knock me any further down
When I’ve already hit the ground
Every time you tell me that I cant I stand more
Because you’re only adding fuel to my war
I stop fighting with myself when you join the fight
Because you seem to give me the spite
To prove
To show you you’re incorrect
Because I’ve already checked
And maybe it’s hard for me to dream
But I know my future and I have seen
Only I’m scared to admit it
Because of the pit
Called failure
That I'm scared to encounter
I can’t allow myself to imagine what it might not be like
I have to go forth and strike
And work until what others only ever dream about
Becomes my reality without a doubt
I do have dreams but they’re not in my sleep while I’m numb
And I’m not going to wait for them to come
At least not on their own
Because I have my eyes set on a thrown
And I’m writing my way up to the top
One story at a time never planning to ever drop

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