For some it is reaching. Reaching but never obtaining.
Nearly swiping, but it swirls out of reach like water
One minute it is there, another evaporated.
Encompassing each passing minute, one finds themself complaining.

For others, it is there, and then gone.
To be soon replaced by one more fierce and fascinating.
The likeness of a lion preparing to pounce on prey.
But then, distracted by another pawn.

For those radical ones, it is not like water, nor like a lion.
Instead, the dream is reached. Reached with profound victory.
The dream does not flit away nor is it pushed aside.
Instead, it is pursued with love, joy, and belief in trying.

One who achieves will not, for one second, depart.
One who desires triumph will not have one ounce of disbelief.
If one strives with their whole heart, the dream will become a reality.
Believe in your abilities, believe in your strength, believe in your heart.

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