People aren't who they
say they are anymore-
guess they do all the
things they do for show.
Yeah, you fooled me
once, because at first
I didn't know...you was a liar and
couldn't keep it real
quick to tell me stop
tripping, just chill."
Tired of the hurt, popping pain pills
so you try to come back in my life
But letting you back is like giving you a knife
to stab me in the back again
So, No! Thank you, I'm still going to live without you in my life
I promise I won't shed a tear, regardless of what you hear.
Now I'm thinking of how clear my future will be-
all smiles, no more lies, and people keeping it real with me
But for real, we know that:that life is impossible here
But for now, I'm trying to make sure I keep fakes off my team
but I know I can only have that other life
In my dreams

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