What are they?
Are they the lies we want to be truth
Or are they truth we want to be lies?
Someday we see beauty of life
And somedays ,dreams full of cries

What are they in real?
Are they moments we have already experienced
Or are they seens from movie yet to be realesed?
Are they real times of real world
Or are they moments of virtual world beautifully cherised?

What are they in real ?
Are they the the truth of todays world
That we fear to tell or see?
Or are they the world we want to live?
Are they the world the way we want it to be?

They maybe truth,they maybe lies ,
They maybe the world as its defined,
They maybe beautiful experiences you had,
They maybe horror stories you wrote in bed,
They can be anything its your way to think ,
But they are sure to come and show you stories of rise and sink!!!

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