Dreams are important goals
that expose something we believe
and no matter how young or old
dreams can be achieved
why do we have dreams that cause things to seem
like fulfilling them can be done before the night
but we all know looks can be decieving
dreams open a door of light

Dreams are a part of your imagination
to me, dreams mean a lot
they also provide a warm sensation
but know they can be crushed or fall like a raindrop
if you ever thought dreaming was wrong thinking that, no do not
they are powerful survivors full of might
unless you let them they can't be stopped
dreams open a door of light

Dreams can go far
to where the wind blows
they are like a shooting star
no matter what, they glow
no matter what, they show
day or night, dreams shine so bright
even though no one knows where they will go
dreams open a door of light

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