I just awoke from one of the strangest dreams
A figment of my imagination or so it seems
I was back in my very first apartment where I was so at ease
Not sure why I dreamt this, now that it's come in threes

First time I was out at a bar, I was drinking some
Arrived back home and let myself in, not knowing why I'd come
Left early so I wouldn't be seen
Thank God I was unseen in my dream

Second time I was out for a night with my friends
This time there were clothes strewn about on my bed
The landlady came up in the morning to speak to me
She was nice, understanding and spoke with me to some degree

Third time was this morning, here I was back there again
This time the couple were asleep in their bed
I startled them, a stranger standing off to the side of their room
I apologized and told them not sure why I'm here, I was so full of gloom

Then vividly like some dreams do it switched to dogman in the trees
I'm fascinated by the dogman, sasquatch and cryptoid beings
Then on to the seven red orbs floating over our hill
This all happened in my dream over three hours, It gave me a chill

To still be dreaming of my first apartment that I'd lived in over twenty years ago
I still can't contemplate the reason for it, I just don't know
It amazes me how much knowledge our brains attain over the years
It would be nice to just sleep and not have to deal with these fears

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This was my actual dream this morning, very true.