I sit alone, trying to type,
But not a single word comes to mind.
It's not normal, and it is not fine.
Writing was a passion, something I loved..
But now my brain won't even budge.
Not sure if I'm distracted by my thoughts,
Or if my talent has just been lost.
I don't understand what has happened,
Because writing once stood as my greatest passion.
I dreamed of the life I'd soon live
But in that dream I wrote for kids.
I wrote of a giraffe befriending a moose,
and even a jaguar eating a goose.
I don't know why I can't seem to write anymore..
I guess I missed the opportunity which stood at my door .
Now as I search for something to say,
all these negative thoughts stand in my way.
"You'll never write again, don't even try to begin."
"Close the word document, put down that pen"
"Not a single poem or story will come to success ever again."
"You're worthless, you can't do anything right.."
I think I'm just ready to give up my fight.
I have no more talents, I know it's the end.
Don't know if I'll ever be effective again.
I'll never thrive, and I ask myself why.
I'll live my life as a nobody
although my life long dream was to become somebody.
I'll work in a cubical my whole life,
Not writing, but dealing with customers strife.
I'm sorry I tried, to be successful..
I guess I just dreamed of being skillful .
Maybe one day I'll try again,
but until then?
I will strive, to live the life
I have always desired.

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