Wandering within in darkness i see a light,
Pulling me ingress,the dot grows too bright.

Scared of being burnt,i strive away,
But the twine in me ignites keeping the negativity at bay,

This fire helps me to keep moving on,
Even at the times when people pull me down and i am torn.

There are times when i am on roll,
I feel elated,alacritic,confident and not being strolled,

Other times i am confused and broken,
Times when i feel useless and such state i reckon,

People say you need support and someone who listens to you in such phases,
Friends who you thought,were your go to people,also leave without traces.

You feel you're worthless and a debacle,
But never give up,as you are, your lives own oracle.

Dream,dreams are something that keep you going,
In this charlatan world's ocean, a boat through which , you can keep rowing.

Handful are those who support you to achieve what you wish for,
Rest are just to eavesdrop on your aspiration and cut down your score.

Be blessed to have parents who stand by you, come what may,
They know you are adroit and industrious without a say.

Lives are different for different people,do not compare,
As what you've got,that's unexplored yet, is very rare.

Hang on to what you are and what you want to be,
Put all of you in it and the fireworks you shall see.

Patience is the key to success, rightly said,
Lack of it are the reasons from the top many shred.

Goals are high,and convoluted is its journey,
Never give up,these tests are lives tyranny.

Once you reach your goal,the chronicle shall be projected,
Dots that bewildered you now seem to be connected.

Then i shall close my eyes,hang a dreamcatcher to dream another dream,
Keeping the light ignited in me as that’s my lives cream.

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