Dreams Floating Seeds

The trials and tribulations of every day life
lend themselves to your feelings,
that comes with the peace and calm,
as daylight hours now become night.
Peace of the night, a police in itself,
captures the moods of the day, in your sleep
drifting in dreams, escaping the world,
putting all what's inside on dreams floating seeds.

As each dream, while you sleep, comes to life,
you try to sort the unreality from what you know is reality,
Like pieces of a puzzle, you know it should all fit
but, the sorting process confuses ones' mind
as body and soul try to separate the fight.

You torment yourself with trying to succeed,
knowing right well, success is within ones' own realm.
Daylight hours keep you in judgement, according to others,
but, over and over again the peace of the night engulfs you,
which will once again become a puzzle, on to which
a new day will grow
Dreams Floating seeds ...

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