dreams from lost souls

dreams come from our souls,
though heartless our dreams bring love and joy.
though sometimes my dreams flow like,
like when I was a little boy.
my eyes were always open;
especially on Christmas day , opening all those toys.
my family and I would celebrate those fun holidays.
but things have Changed, life seems so far away.
hopeless to dream, hopeless to smile.
existence fades to nothing.
your heart shatters, your thoughts splatter.
mom get ill, you start to feel; pain heart ache...
chills up and down your spine.
childhood memories fall into a dark place.
you scream but no one hears your cries,
no one see your tears..
you realize Death is Near.
you see your mother smiling at you from above.
you hear her voice from afar.
you keep trying to get closer;
though something pulls you away.
dreams from lost souls haunt you at night.
prayers on your knees before bed,
you keep saying it will be ok.
but reality sets in, anger begins to spread.
regret is now dead.

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