Dreams of Love

With hair as darks as night,
I try to pull away with all my might;
Your beauty is so compelling to the eye,
If I turn away I may die.

Your skins is as soft as a rose’s touch,
I’m afraid it might be too much;
For someone like me to witness such beauty,
I believe it would be forbidden for our unity.

For your beauty matches that of a god’s,
I couldn’t even imagine the odds,
That such an angel could smile at me,
while the rest of the world just leaves me be.

My heart is pulled asunder,
like a boat in a storm full of thunder;
What are these things I feel,
can this love be truly real?

I feel like my mind is floating down a stream,
Could this all be just a dream?
Or could there be an angel so kind,
To love a heart like mine?

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