Dreams of Our First Kiss

This kiss will be the first kiss of passion long awaited
Trying to make this kiss last longer, not to be over in a flash
We will try to make this kiss last longer to linger in our minds
With a fervent fiery flame, the kiss will carry us
There will be a burning between our avid lips, with a lust undertone
Wrapped up in this romantic interlude, we will be
The feeling of love can now be let loose, never felt like this before
Never known by us, shown by us, felt by us, until now
The waiting, the dreaming, the yearning and longing for this kiss
Will finely be here, under the moon's radiant rays of light we kiss
We feel gentle wind blowing smoothly across a love blackened sky
The wind very gently caresses our cheeks tenderly to say be happy
We embrace the dark night's sky to say, this is the one I want
I will tilt my head closer to you so we will feel our ever presence
To each other
Our eyes will meet in a timeless stare deep within, and we will think
We are in a feeling of utopian love
Into each other's hearts will gather our love for the first time
Two hearts will no long beat by themselves but will now beat as one
Our kisses will be to the rhythm of an orchestrated symphony of
Passion finally heard
No words necessary, only the spreading and feeling of love portrayed
By our gathered souls
This feeling and pretrial of love will never be lost we will finally
Become the one body, the one soul and "the one heart that we have
Both wished for"

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