Dreams of Passion

He remembered her hands moving
about his body. His mind wouldn't stop running
away with his thoughts. His breath rose and faded
from his chest. He could feel her body melt
into his. His hands glided
about her fragile figure. Her form molded
to his own. Her soft figure layered
on top of his. Her fingers rolling
over each part of his overlapping
muscles. Her hair draped
across his flesh, caressing over
his chest. Her eyes stared down
into his own as her eyelashes fluttered
with pure joy. Her voice seeped
into his ear like honey. Her gaze trailed
over his exterior. The heat that fell
over both of their bodies rushed
through their veins. Their sweat dripped
from their limbs in pools. Their forms turned
about each other. Their arms slipped
about their being. Their lips pressed
against one another, bodies mashed
with pure heat-and smiles reached
across their faces.
Then his eyes open slowly to the realization he was alone.

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